Buy Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen. Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen price in delhi, india.

Buy Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen. Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen price in delhi, india. Best Seller Book written by Top Best Astrologer Dr R B Dhawan. Also Published Aap ka Bhavishya, monthly hindi astrological magazine, Guruji ke totke, Guruji ki saadhnayen, Kaise badlen bhagya, Parashar sutra, Bhrigu sanhita and many more Best Seller Books.

Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen

Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen

Price of Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen Rs.250

Writer Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)

Publisher Shukracharya

Language Hindi

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Introduction : the this book explained, there are other scarce objects that are used in Astro Upaya.

Description :

Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen

Astro Upaya and Scarce objects-
Scarce objects include the objects that are rarely available and precious. These Objects have their special place in astrology. If someone is interested in awakening their destinies by applying the best Astro Upaya, they should not the underestimate the use of the scarce objects. In astrology, scarce objects include gem stones, horseshoe, turmeric, "Shri Yantra", "Peepal", "lemon", "Sandal wood", magical Ayurvedic Herbs, "Tulsi", saffron, Conch, etc. These objects are used now and then in astrology. Their importance lies in the fact that most of the Upayas include one of these objects to add energy and increase the effect of any mantra. Scarce objects that are mentioned above possess energy that can be enhanced by reading mantra and spells resulting to get the desired result. Our book likes to explain you with the use of these scarce objects to help you understand them better.

Various magical objects These objects get link with the planet and enhance or reduce their effect. Objects basically are chosen according to the nature of planet that is affecting once destiny.

Graha Dosh Nivarak Gorochan Gorochan is a red colour object that is collected from body of a cow. At once, it can be collected in a limited amount. It is used as a "Aakarshan Tilak" to surpass the negative energy. It is used in rectifying the business related issues. If one is looking for peace in his house, he can place Gorochan in the house and start noticing its effect very soon. It basically attracts positive energy.

Gajmukta Mani It is ivorish or pale yellow pearl that is very rare and expensive. It is found inside the elephants living in deep jungle. It has a lot of medicinal properties. It is said that it can even cure cancer. It also has some magical energy in it that can attract good fortune to you. It can give wealth and make you feel like a king.

Sobhagaya Vardhak Shankh- This Shankh is created by combining one, two or five Mukhi Rudraksh and gives good luck to the user. It balances the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether and provides peace to the needy.

Shri Ganesh Shankh This shank gives blessing of the lord Ganesha and said to be the most sacred Shankh. It has the ability to bless anyone by eliminating obstacles and making life smooth.

Gomti Chakra It is a rare form of natural shell that is found in Gomti River in Dwarika. It brings wealth and luck to the owner.

Parad Shivling (Mercury Shivling)- This shivling when worshipped diligently helps human being physically, mentally and spiritually. It has the power to protect people from natural calamities, disaster and external evil effects.

Sphatik Shri Yantra Sphatik Shri Yantra is the favourite Yantra of goddess Laxmi. It is worshipped to increase money and wealth and to bring peace in home.

Kasturi (Deer Musk)- Kasturi is beneficial in waving off the negative waves. It is used in many Tantra sadhnaas and Upayas.

Kaudi (Counch) It is said to increase the wealth when kept inside the wallet of the owner.

Nazarbutto -Nazarbutto It is an icon, tattoo or charm bracelet to keep away the evil eye.

Billi Ki Jer - It is a very rare object and very difficult to be found. If you find it, it can bring you immense luck and success. It is also used in Tantra Vidhya, but one should be well versed with Atharva Veda concepts and Vedic Mantra or else it can put adverse effect on once life. It is used in many Astro Upayas by practitioners.

Peepal tree - Peepal tree is used to control the effect of planet Jupiter on once Kundali. Sandal wood Sandal wood is used for beauty and success. Astrologers use it in the Upayas related to the health of client.

Gem stones Gem stones like Heera, Panna, Pukhraaj, Neelam and Moonga are used in astrology to lessen the effect of planets on the wearer Kundli.
Apart from the above explained, there are other scarce objects that are used in Astro Upaya. It is not possible to discuss every such object in this book so we are leaving the readers with a possibility of exploring more about these scarce objects and the other scarce objects.

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