Buy Rog evam Jyotish. Rog evam Jyotish price in delhi, india.

Buy Rog evam Jyotish. Rog evam Jyotish price in delhi, india. Best Seller Book written by Top Best Astrologer Dr R B Dhawan. Also Published Aap ka Bhavishya, monthly hindi astrological magazine, Guruji ke totke, Guruji ki saadhnayen, Kaise badlen bhagya, Parashar sutra, Bhrigu sanhita and many more Best Seller Books.

Rog evam Jyotish

Rog evam Jyotish

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Writer Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)

Publisher Shukracharya

Language Hindi

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Introduction : If you are facing health problems that are not getting cured even after repeated medical attention, try some astro Upayas from our book.

Description :

Rog evam Jyotish

Health and Astrology- According to some the best health Upaya book, health and illness of an individual is always said to be influenced by astrological factors like the positions of the planet. An astrologer can derive a natal chart by studying the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the two nodes, Rahu and Ketu, their declinations at the date and time of birth of an individual. A horoscope not only predicts the future of an individual, but it can also reveal the physical characteristics of a person along with his health and diseases he or she is inclined to get. Thus, the study of the two luminaries the Sun and the Moon along with the planets helps a lot in knowing about the health factors of an individual. The positions of the planets in the zodiac are taken and a persons "Dasha" which shows when a particular heavenly body will dominate in a persons life are arranged. In olden days Hippocrates who was a famous physician use to first study a persons natal chart and then proceed with his treatments.
The positive or negative effect of the nine planets on the Kundli is responsible for the illness or wellness of a person due to the movement and position of the planet. Any serious disease symbolizes that the planet is in the negative position. Organs of a body are affected by planetary movements. To do any Astro Upaya for good health, the study of planets behaviour is really important. The eleventh house of the Kundli tells about the health of human being.
Human being gets diseases due to the affect of planets on the house of the Kundli to which that part of the body is related as explained by some of best health Upaya book. Following are the houses of Kundli and the body part affected by that.

First House:- Body in general, Face, brain and colour of the skin.

Second House:- Teeth, Speech, Throat, Neck and bones, Nerves and Blood vessels, right eye.

Third House:- Right ear, Shoulders, Collar, hands, lungs, blood.

Fourth House:- Chest, Ribs, Stomach, Digestive system.

Fifth House:- Heart, Mind and Spinal Chord.

Sixth House:- Kidneys, Bowels, Intestine and abdomen.

Seventh House:- Waist, Naval cavity, Lumber region and skin.

Eighth House:- Incurable diseases, Urinary and Sexual Organs, Pelvic Bones, Bladder and Anus.

Ninth House:- Hips, Arterial system, Nerves and Thighs.

Tenth House:- Knees, Hams, Joints and bones.

Eleventh House:- Legs, Blood circulation and ankles, Left ear.

Twelfth House:- Lymphatic system, Feet and Toes, Left Eye and death.

Astro Upaya for curing illness:-
Curing Diseases with Gems - Gems can affect the human body both positively or negatively. Gem has the power to minimise the influence of both favourable and unfavourable planet. A gem has a higher place if you are consulting the best health Upaya book.

Principles for selecting Gemstones are as follows:-
1. Gemstone according to lord of favourable planet.
2. Gem stone according to Moon sign.
3. Gemstone of positive planet to increase its influence.
4. Gemstone of lord of houses to boost the planets.
5. Gemstone of positively or negatively influencing planet.
a. Gemstone of positive planet.
b. Gemstone of negative planet.
Vedic Jyotish to cure the illness:-
Recall your Isht Dev first and repeat the mantras for the planet that is favourable for your health. Select a Shubh day to start this Upaya. Donate things favouring that planet and fast for the positive planet.
Repeat Om Namaha Shivaya and Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra to lessen the bad influence of the planet. If a person is badly ill and cannot perform these remedies, a close friend or a relative can do these things on his behalf. In this case, a person should start repeating the Mantra with the name of the person for whom the Upaya has been performed.
Above are the remedies to improve your health with by the best health Upaya book. Always consult an experienced practitioner before applying any of these Upayas.

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