Buy Guruji Ki Sadhnayen. Guruji Ki Sadhnayen price in delhi, india.

Buy Guruji Ki Sadhnayen. Guruji Ki Sadhnayen price in delhi, india. Best Seller Book written by Top Best Astrologer Dr R B Dhawan. Also Published Aap ka Bhavishya, monthly hindi astrological magazine, Guruji ke totke, Guruji ki saadhnayen, Kaise badlen bhagya, Parashar sutra, Bhrigu sanhita and many more Best Seller Books.

Guruji Ki Sadhnayen

Guruji Ki Sadhnayen

Price of Guruji Ki Sadhnayen Rs.300

Writer Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)

Publisher Shukracharya Prakashan

Language Hindi

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Introduction : Guruji Ke Sadhnayen is a Top Rated & Best Seller Book.

Description :

Guruji Ki Sadhnayen

How to perform Astro Upaya? Astro Upaya should always be performed in privacy. If performed in open, it will not give the desired results. It includes doing prayer to God with clean heart and open mind. Sometime prayer for many people works easily and while for others it never gives results. Why this happen? This is because they are not praying in peaceful and calm environment, i.e. there is a lot of scope of disturbance and negative energy. Our Sadhna book is compiled of some the best Upayas that will bring you quick results when performed carefully with the help of an experienced Jyotishi.

The prayers used while doing Astro Upayas are really powerful. They can make a life of any living being. So why keep this hidden from others. Why be selfish to keep these prayers to oneself only inspite of sharing it with others? Why these prayers that can make life of needy people are not allowed reaching them. All the professionals perform it secretly and at place where there is no other source of getting witnessed. According to our book that believes in providing best Astro Upayas, there are two main reasons for this secrecy.

These are as follows:- First reason is that it leads to the divide of results. It lessens the benefits of the prayer towards the worshipper and he will not get the desired outcome. Doing the Upaya publically or the presence any outer source or energy lessens the impact of the Upaya. It leads to the spreading of positive energy that the worshiper releases by performing the Upaya.

Second reason of performing the Upaya secretly is to avoid the situation in which the worshiper become renowned among others that in turn leads to anger and ego. If the person will become egoist, he will never respect other human being and their qualities. He will become selfish and start disrespecting others. This will lead to anger and anxiety and the worshiper will start attracting negative energy that will overcome the positivity of the performed Upaya very soon.

Doing the Astro Upaya - secretly gives the best results. This is the reason that most of the Astro prayers are done in privacy. Some of these prayers are compiled by our book that is among one of the best Upaya Sadhna book available in the market.

Durga Shoolini Pooja - This pooja is performed secretly by an experienced priest to minimize the negative effects, strengthen the week planets, to get a disciplined and peaceful mind. This pooja gives the quick results to benefit the performer.

Navgraha Sadhna is an Astro Upaya - that includes doing a regular prayer at a particular time and place facing towards a particular direction. It gives courage to the worshiper to face any adverse situation in the life. It brings peace by reducing the negative influence of nine planets on the performer and provides him with the blessing of the nine planets.

Shri Shiv Mantra Sadhana - This is the Upaya to remove obstacle from your path. There is different Shiv Mantra that can be helpful to reduce the bad influence of different planets. One can choose the mantra according to the planet that is creating problem.

Kaalsarp Yog Tantra Sadhana - Kaalsarp Yoga leads to various problems like a child birth related issues, barriers in success, negativity, etc. There are twelve types of Kaalsarp Yoga related to 12 sun sign available. This Saadhna leads to minimize the effect of Kaal Sarp Yoga.

Gayatri Mantra Upaya - Gayatri Mantra can help in almost every problem related to the adverse effect of nine planets on our life. It increases positivity and bring peace in our life.

Apart from the above explained some of the best Upaya Sadhna book is easily available in market to minimize the effect of nine planets in your life. All these Upayas must perform in private to get the desired benefits.

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