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Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)

best top astrologer in delhi

Working on Astrology since 1988. He has been awarded by many Organisations as Top best astrologer in delhi.

• Editor of Astrological Monthly Magazine 'Aap Ka Bhavishyaa' & 'Tantra Darshan'
• Author of various Astrological Books, 'Guruji Ke Totke', 'Guruji ki Sadhnayen' etc..
• Founder Director of Shukracharya Group, Shukracharya Astro (P) Ltd.
• Chairman of Shukracharya, Shukracharya Astrological Research Center.
• President of VREF & various other Welfare Societies.
• Awarded Top Best Astrologer by various Organisations and Societies.

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An Introduction - Dr.R.B.Dhawan Guruji

            Guruji Dr. Dhawan was born in a Kshatriya Punjabi family in Jalandhar (Punjab), India on August 20th 1961 in a poor peasant family. Being born into a poor family he had to face a lot of problems in his higher education. From childhood Dr. R. B. Dhawan's extreme interest in spiritual, supernatural and world of God was higher than normal individuals. From childhood they were eager to learn the secrets of the soul, so wherever they found the light that gives them the truth about the Secrets of the Soul, they started discovering the story from that source to able to find the truth behind the secret story of the soul. But their discovery for the truth behind the secret of the soul or God long been left curious.

Once at the age of 14 during the night, their sleep broke and they heard that some voices were discussing the fact about the Soul & God, they found that discussion so interesting that they listened them all night by a smooth-running discussion also been listening to him. Till Now they were engaged in the pursuit of a Guru of them who can unwind all the curiosities of his inner soul and get a Spiritual Stability.

One day they found a literature book, his Guru Pandit Shriram Sharmaji's literature 'Gayatri Mahavigyaan'. Just from that day they were into this three sectioned literature book all day and all night. During and After going through the book he was unresitive to meet Gurudev (Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya). Thus, even being born in the Kshatriya family, he has the act of Brahmin.

Guruji Dr.R.B.Dhawan, has been awarded `Ayurveda Ratna` from the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad Open University. They had Received the Degree of `Jyotish Bhushan` from renowned Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri University. Since then through the Astrology and Psychic disciplines they are engaged in performing continuous Service of Humankind. Considering sorrow & pain of Mankind their own, they spend most of their time in helping and understanding the pains of others.

Editor - Guruji are the editor of two magazines of astrology and psychic disciplines. Namely, 1. `Aap Ka Bhavishya` (Hindi, monthly) and 2. `Tantra Darshan` (Hindi, semi-annual) magazines. They are continuous & smoothly running monthly journals from Jan, 2001.

Author - Guruji had written many books on Astrological Subjects and Planetary Obstacles, including 9-best seller & reknowned books - 1. Guruji ke Totke, 2. Guruji ki Sadhnayen, 3. Vastu Sutra, 4. Kaise Badlen Bhagya, 5. Durlabh Samriddhi Pradayak Vastuyen, 6. Parashar Sutra, 7. LalKitab - Yog evam Upaya 8. Bhrigu Samhita - Yog evam Faladesh, 9. Jyotish ke Yog evam Phaladesh are best seller books. Guruji is Presently writing & Working on about 15 books on Significant and Supernatural Subjects.

Scholar - Till 2012 Guruji has written more than 300 well-researched articles on various & Deep Topics of Astrology, Mystical, Spiritual disciplines, Planetary Obstacles and Extincted `Mantras` that are more exploratory and has published articles several major newspapers (Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, Punjab Kesri, etc.) and monthly magazines Ayurveda Mahasammelan, Aap Ka Bhavishyaa and Tantra Darshan. They have been recognized as The Main Speakers at Several Sammelans and Workshops on Astrology.

disciplines are taking advantage of the education and research on various topics of astrology, there are many students. Master workshop have many subjects of astrology and many start-up courses on topics related to these plans are in progress.

Some of his Prediction about Celebrities, Politicians & Cinema Actors/Actresses. Success/failure predictions, several political parties and the election of the national level and in-region victory - defeat of the government in relation journals are Bvishywannia. Which Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sanjay Dutt (Live India TV on) Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev (News Note V. 24) heads.

Awards and Honors - many (hundreds) on astrology astrology conferences Sammanptr essential to the expression of more than 80, more than 22 silver and gold and many social institutions have received honors for his wise statement. Awarded as Best Top Astrologer in Delhi, India by various Organisations.

TV Appearances - Many Appearances on various News Channels like Zee News, IBN7, News 24, P-7 News, Live India, Voice of India News Channels & Given very Accurate and Great Predictions on various Topics like Astrological & Celestial Events like Eclipses, Celebrities, Social Workers, World Leaders and Political Situations. They also Appeared on `Sadhana TV` channel regularly in `Sadhna Manch` programme from 2006 to 2009 and a number of Spiritual TV Channels.

N.G.O. - Guruji are running many programs by means of 'Vedic Research and Educational Foundation'(Regd. Society) on Vedic Knowledge Promotions. And are working on many ambitious plans. They are President and Mentor of this National Level Society working for the Promotion of vedas & Vedic Knowledge.

Director - Guruji are Founder, Mentor and Director of 'Shukracharya Astro Pvt. LTD.' and 'Shukracharya Astrological Research Centre'. With its young energetic team are working constantly to serve Astrological world & Promote Astrology.

Computer software - After the hige success of numerology software `Keero '06` and `Keero Gold`, "`Daivagyacharya` (Best & Accurate Astrological Software)" has been released. The Guruji's Research Team for a brilliant young engineer 'Pradeep Dhawan's contribution is commendable.

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